Tuesday, August 4, 2015

babymoon/anniversary trip.

Saturday morning Steve surprised me with a little weekend getaway to celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary/babymoon.  He usually works 13 hours on Saturdays and can never get them off, so it was definitely unexpected & a super sweet surprise.

We stayed in Pacific Grove at Lover's Point - talk about a romantic location.  Right on a beautiful beach, steps away from the water and lots of restaurants and shops.  It's very close to the Monterey/Carmel area, which are just as beautiful!  It was nice to escape Sacramento's 100+ degree weather for beachy 72 degree weather.

Our first stop was the wharf - NOTHING like walking around the pier with the fresh, beachy air.  (And no strollers or car seats or potty trips or snack breaks WHAT?!)

Love this man.  He has never failed once in our 12 years together to make me feel special, beautiful, & loved.  

You know you are all sorts of pregnant when you ask to take a picture with an ice cream cone. 

The food & desserts we ate were to die for!  I only ordered half a crab but I so could have had a whole.  

Later that night we took a walk to Cannery Row.  There's a trail on the water that leads up to it and it's just so breathtaking.  Although my 30 week pregnant self was having all sorts of contractions, rib kicks, etc. during our walk and we had to take lots of breaks - the views totally made up for it.  (And I might have had to have poor Steve walk back himself to get the car and pick me back up at Cannery Row when we were done looking around there so I didn't have to make the walk back.  He's a keeper I tell ya.)

The next morning we grabbed the most DELICIOUS breakfast sandwiches on Cannery Row & headed off to the "17 Mile Drive".  It was a beautiful scenic drive with all sorts of different stops along the way.  Steve's favorite was Pebble Beach Golf Course - he golfs every week with his coworker and has become such a golf fan!  He was like a kid in a candy shop walking around where the pros play.

After our drive, we found a massage place that does shoulder/neck/foot massages for $25.00 for 60 minutes.  Such a deal!  It was SO RELAXING, after getting back to our hotel we passed out for a bit.  Naps a few and far between these days, so it was a special treat.

In the afternoon we stopped at the beach right by our hotel & took in those beautiful hues of blue.  I'm pretty sure I was the biggest girl at the beach. ;)  

 I have so many pictures of food/desserts on my phone from our trip it's almost embarrassing.  It was all just so pretty!

It was so relaxing to get away one last time before the baby came - we don't usually leave our babies overnight until they are about 18 months old so we know it will be a while before we get this much relaxing alone time.  So thankful to have gotten to celebrate our 7th anniversary in such a special way with my guy - I thank my Heavenly Father every night for leading me to the absolutely PERFECT man to spend forever with.  


  1. How sweet is that! It looks like a great trip, and I'm sure it was much needed!

  2. Gorgeous photos! You have me missing the Bay Area!! We also celebrate seven years of marriage this month :)