Tuesday, August 18, 2015

potty training, take two.

This post is a bit late, but I couldn't skip giving our little Katester girl some recognition on here for achieving SUCH a big toddler milestone: potty training!

I was planning on potty training her in mid-August, a couple weeks before moving out of our apartment.  I really really did not want to deal with accidents in our new house on brand new carpet!
Thankfully, one night Kate randomly told me she needed to go potty, and proceeded to go sit on the toilet and peed right in it!  I was shocked.  I decided right then and there it was obviously time to potty train!  She did great the whole next day, minus one accident on the kitchen tile.  She wasn't telling me when she needed to go, but she would go whenever I told her "Let's go try to go potty!"  I did have to do some bribing because she didn't always feel like being interrupted to go, but it didn't take much.

Fast forward two more days: she gets the STOMACH BUG of all things so I put her in a pull up for a day and a half (didn't want to stress about her throwing up AND peeing all over the place).  I was nervous this was going to ruin all our hard work but she did great the next day after she was all better.

I feel like I am a really patient mom, it's one of my FEW strong parenting traits (trust me, I have about  five bad ones for each good one) but there is something about potty training that stresses me out SO MUCH.  It takes incredible amounts of patience and is definitely a "patience boot camp" for me.  You have to watch your kid like a hawk every second of their day and still appear cool as a cucumber if they have an accident.  Ahhh!  I had to have lots of pep talk phone calls with my mom and Steve.  We took Kate to Build a Bear for her "potty training prize" like we did with Aubrey and I told Steve, "I'm pretty sure I should get one of these things too." ;) HA!

Kate is still doing so well!  I definitely have to stay on her about it, as we are still in the very new stages.  She still isn't great at telling me WHEN she needs to go, so she has an accident every now and then (like once a week) but I know with time she'll be a pro.  Honestly, I'm just so happy I have not changed a single diaper in over three weeks!  First time in 4.5 years, people.

For now, I'm enjoying these diaper less days before our newborn gets here and has like 12 diaper changes a day.  (It might be more than 12 - I can't even remember what's normal for newborns..been a while!)

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  1. Wow!! What an awesome little lady you have! I feel you on the whole "potty training takes every ounce of your patience" sentiment - we've dabbled so far, but I need to commit and I'm dreading it! LOL about newborn diapers - for some reason I have the number 16 in my head - that's sooooo many changes!!! But they are worth it a million times over :)