Monday, September 14, 2015

ballerina sisters.

Last Wednesday was a huge day for our little Kate.  She has been begging to do "balloweena cwass like Aubee" for the whole past year.  Most Mondays that I would go and take Aubrey to dance she would cry and cry.  I told her if she was potty trained by the time the next dance season started, she could do it.  I think it was a huge motivator for her, and thankfully she got the job done!

All morning she was so excited.  She loved getting into her leotard, putting on her ballet shoes, and getting to do the "donut bun" that I've done on Aubrey for the past couple years.  

Thankfully I found a class for Aubrey that starts right after Kate's class so they can do the same day.  With a new baby coming soon I really need my days as simple as possible without running around too much!  She has a new teacher this year who she really likes so far, but man do we miss her old one!  
 She looks so big and beautiful in the above picture.  I'm telling you guys, I was just rocking her to sleep as a baby.  The OTHER DAY, I swear.

Aubrey was so excited for her little sis and was so sweet with her before her class started - teaching her how to tuck her bows in her shoes, pointing/flexing, and even how to twirl!  I just about died watching them together - my little ballerinas!

I have no idea how long either of them will want to do dance, but they love it so much right now and it's so fun to watch them!

Kate did great on her first day - she cried at first after realizing that I don't get to be in the same room, but I slowly snuck out and she forgot all about me.  She twirled ribbons, pointed her toes, and got a sticker at the end - I haven't stopped hearing about her day since!

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