Monday, September 21, 2015


These past few weeks have been a whirlwind with moving, getting settled, and just being very, very pregnant all the while.  I will try to post more about our new home and hopefully some pictures before this baby gets here.  For now, I really want to jot these things down about the girls before I'm in newborn land with zero short term memory.


Aubrey turned four and a half on September 4th.  This age is a dream!  But honestly, I think we just lucked out - she's such a good girl.
Aubrey & Kate got bunk beds and of course she gets the top bunk, since she's got the birthright!  She was nervous the first night, and ended up on a mattress on the floor, but worked up her courage since then and sleeps up there every night and loves it.  
She is fiercely loyal to her daddy.  She is a daddy's girl through and through. She's my little sidekick all day while he's at work, and then once he is home I'm as good as gone.  He is her hero and it's pretty heart melting.
Speaking of her daddy, she is a rule follower and super responsible, just like him.  Must be an oldest child thing.  If I tell her to only watch one show, if another one comes on she will cover her eyes and say, "I can only watch one show Mom said!  Come turn it off!!"  
Aubrey used to be really weary of growing up, and never wanted to talk about going to school/getting big/etc.  She would always say she wants to be "short" forever and didn't want to fit in my clothes - ha!  Just recently she has brought up starting school next year and even says she wants to be a mom someday.  I was liking the being a kid forever thing, but I'm glad she's coming to terms with reality. :)
Aubrey is EXTREMELY sensitive - she definitely gets this one from Mom!  She cries pretty easily about things.  On our wedding anniversary we watched our wedding video and she teared up while watching it.  She was embarrassed and ran out of the room.  Such a sweet little soul she has.  The other week Kate fell off a chair and Aubrey bawled her eyes out "My sister is hurt!"
Her new favorite princess as of late is Jasmine.  
She is such a good helper to her pathetic pregnant mama.  Always going and getting things for me, or picking things up off the floor so I don't have to reach.  
She finished swimming lessons this Summer and improved so much!  She can go under the water by herself and refuses to wear a life jacket.  As long as she has her "gobbles" on she's pretty comfortable in the water.  She can swim a few feet with no help - I think next Summer she'll have it down.
We decided to not do preschool after all for a multitude of reasons - she gets lots of social interaction with church/dance/playdates, and loves learning at home with me.  I honestly just love having her home all the time.  Not sure what I'll do next year when she starts kindergarten. :(
She can be pretty whiny.  I don't mind my girls crying when they need mommy, but whining is the worst.  It definitely tests my patience!
She is so excited for her baby sister's arrival - I know she will be the biggest help and be so in love with her. 
When we are at the store, she will question everything I put in my cart - "Mom, why do you need that? Don't we already have some at home?" etc.  She definitely helps me stay within our budget!  (Told you she was responsible.)  
She LOVES the color "hot pink"!  
Basically, she's a complete joy to have in our home and we are so blessed to have her be our oldest to be a good leader and example to her siblings.  


Kate turned 2.5 on July 5th.
She is our little sassy girl!  Definitely a "two year old" ;)
She always has a blanket on her.  She pulls her big comforter off her bed most of the time and just has it on her while she plays.  I found her in our master bath tub the other day with about 15 stuffed animals and her comforter in there.  Girl loves to be comfortable!
Kate is doing great with the potty still.  She'll have an accident about once a week if she's really distracted and we don't remind her.  I'm still so proud of her for getting it down so quickly.  It's no easy feat!
She does what we call her "crazy dance" and I really need to post a video of it.  She holds one finger up in the air and waves it around, has her head tilted back so she's facing the ceiling, with her tongue out.  She seriously looks nuts doing it and it makes us all laugh so. so. hard.
She still thinks I'm the greatest thing ever.  She cuddles with me every day, randomly tells me "I love you, Mama." and always wants to sit by me.  You might have noticed in our family pictures she refused to stand by anyone but me in them.  I love my clingy girl!  I know someday I won't be so cool to her. 
Kate went from being in a crib for 2.5 years straight to a twin bottom bunk bed.  She's been a champ!  She's fallen out a few times, but falls asleep right there on the floor. Ha!  It's sweet listening to the girls talk to each other about all sorts of things before falling asleep each night.  I'm really glad we decided to have them share a room.
She's definitely in a defiant/naughty stage.  She can be a little bully to her big sis sometimes!  She can also have quite the attitude.  Heaven help me when this girl is 15.
She also started this lovely nose picking habit, and gets personally offended and cries when we tell her to stop.  "But I want to!" she says.
She says "Amen" at the end of books, games, etc.  
She is probably the most excited about the new baby coming.  She loves feeling my belly move, asking all sorts of questions, and always calls her "Baby E".  She never just says her name without "baby" in front of it.
Over the last month Kate has developed a slight rasp to her voice.  I already thought her voice was the cutest sound on Earth, (so small and high pitched!) but the bit of rasp just kills me.  I love it so much and hope it doesn't go away.
She loves watching play doh/unpackaging toy videos on my phone.  I don't get what kids love so much about them, but they sure buy me a few minutes when I need her to chill. :)
She's a professional fake cryer.  When we drop her off at nursery at church on Sundays, she will cry but as soon as we walk out the door we can see her immediately start playing through the window.  
Kate keeps us on our toes, and keeps us laughing.  I'm fully convinced the world is a brighter place with her in it!

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