Friday, September 25, 2015

national daughters day.

95% of the time, I think made up fake holidays are completely dumb - but this "National Daughters Day" that I saw popping up everywhere yesterday is one I can get behind.  (And perhaps National Donut Day.  That one I'm down for too.)

I don't think it's any secret - I love having little girls.  I'm told often "You need a boy!  They just love their mamas so much!" or "You gotta try for a boy next time!" and of course I know everyone means well and those are natural things to say to someone that is having a third girl, but honestly?  I could have a dozen of these beauties! I know I would be ecstatic and love a son just as much, but I truly feel like raising girls is my calling.

(And perhaps dressing them up is my calling too) ;)

While I know I'm "in for it" during the teenage years perhaps, I think I'll be in for a million more amazing experiences ahead.  Lunch dates.  Phone calls just to talk.  Pedicures.  Wedding planning.  Watching them become mothers.  My mom & I are such good friends, and to think I'll have three of those relationships makes my heart soar.  

Happy National Daughters Day, my beautiful Aubrey & Kate.  (And Baby E too!)  I've hit the jackpot with all three of you and can't wait to watch you grow up into incredible women someday, and fall deeper in love with your wonderful, unique personalities.  

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