Sunday, September 27, 2015

tales of a white kitchen.

When walking through models during our house search, I remember looking at the kitchen in this particular model and falling in love instantly!  Between the island, cabinet space, & pantry, I knew it would work perfectly for our growing family. 

When building our last house, we didn't do many upgrades in the kitchen and just chose to get the "free" things it came with.  Everything that came with the house were all tan/warm colors, which wasn't my first choice, but it saved us a ton of money at the time.  This time we decided to do everything completely opposite - white & bright!  We ended up upgrading to white cabinets, white/grey quartz countertops, & white subway tiles.  I knew with little kids white was risky, but then I figured - how many opportunities do you get where you get to choose every single detail of your kitchen?!  Thankfully my husband was on board with the white - he said it looks like a kitchen you'd find at the temple - Ha!. ;)

I tried to add a farmhouse feel to the kitchen with the faucet, apron-style sink, and pendant lighting. I'm loving how it all came together.  (Excuse the non-existent window treatments - apparently shutters take six weeks to make!!  It's been interesting having no privacy and I'm pretty sure all our neighbors and a ton of construction workers have seen me in my robe.)

One thing we did ourselves (as in hired our own contractor) was the floors.  It ended up saving us about $7,000.  (Builders overcharge on everything!)  I love how they turned out and I think it gives our super bright kitchen a little needed contrast. The above area is the butler's pantry, which leads to the formal dining room.

You can barely tell in these photos (I tend to overexpose when taking pictures - oops) but the counters have a lot of grey in them.  I really wanted to do cararra marble counters, but almost every person I talked to at the design center said I would regret it because it is super porous and can stain easily.  We went for quartz and are so glad we did!

The unorganized pantry. Yes we are going to die from Diet Coke.  Heaven help us.

^^Just proving that there is SOME color in this kitchen with that blue rug!  I have the hardest time committing to colors but I'm loving the blue so far.

 I may not be a gourmet chef, (I've been known to burn pop tarts) but it's still my favorite area in the house.  The girls love helping me cook in here and I love gathering together as a family at the end of every day and eating and just hanging out. The kitchen is truly the "gathering place" of the home, and there's nothing I love more than spending time with my people.


  1. All the heart eye emojis. So gorgeous!

  2. I love your kitchen. The blue is nice. I too would be in heaven in there :)