Wednesday, October 14, 2015

along came ella.

Ella is already a week old and with each passing day the memory of her birth day gets a little less clear, so while everyone else in the house is asleep (like I should be!) I am going to write this before more precious memories fade.

It was Monday the 5th, and I had my 39 week appointment that morning.  I found out I was dilated to 2 cm and 50% effaced.  The plan was to induce me on the following Monday if I didn't go into labor on my own.  I didn't really think I'd make it until then, and I was right!  

We went to Costco around 4:00 to stock up on some last minute baby things, snacks, etc. and I noticed I was having contractions about every five minutes.  I tried not to let it get to my head since they weren't at all painful, but was also not ignoring them since my last labor was so fast.  We went home, put stuff away, and I kept timing them.

After a couple more hours of contractions every five minutes, we decided to call Steve's parents to come over to watch the girls while we go to the hospital to see what they think.  As much as I was embarrassed to to risk a "false alarm" hospital visit, I was determined to find out if this was the real deal.  We got to the hospital, got put into a triage room, and they said I was still at a 2, but the contractions were definitely consistent.  They said we could either go home and wait it out to see if the contractions got stronger/closer together, or go to the mall and walk for an hour or so to see if it got things going.  We decided to go to the mall since we already had the girls being watched - and I'm glad we did!

We ate and walked the mall for about an hour - it was such an exciting time to just be alone with Steve & have the anxiety/nerves/excitement that I MIGHT be in labor.  I noticed the contractions getting a little bit stronger, but still not really in pain.  I was so so close to just having Steve take me home, but I had a feeling we should go back to the hospital to get checked again.  I'd rather be safe than sorry!

We got to the hospital and I got put back into a triage room.  I didn't have my hopes up, but much to my surprise - I was at a 4!  They said this baby was coming and they will get a delivery room ready for me!  I was SO excited & relieved that we came back to the hospital.  Shortly after this, I started shaking uncontrollably - I had so much adrenaline! 

I noticed the contractions were getting stronger & a bit uncomfortable, so I asked for my epidural :).  I didn't make it in time for Kate's birth and was really determined to not go through that again.  My epidural guy, (what are they called again?) Scott came in shortly thereafter and became my new best friend.  It didn't hurt that bad when they put the huge needle in (my wrist IV hurt worse) and it took maybe five minutes.  About five minutes after that I was numb from the tummy down.  It felt like nothing short of a spa day!!  I was on cloud nine.  

^ This is the face of a girl on drugs.

The rest of the night was pretty long - I thought my labor would progress a lot faster, but I was barely dilating every time they came in to check me.  I didn't mind though - I was all numbed up.  I was still shaking quite a bit from the nerves/adrenaline.  

The midwife on call finally came in to break my water around 4-ish.  I had noticed I was starting to feel contractions in my lower abdomen.  They weren't too awful, but I was a little nervous about it.  I started pressing my "epidural boost button" every 20 minutes but it didn't seem to help.  

The next few hours were miserable.  For some reason, I could feel the contractions.  It felt like Kate's birth all over again - Steve feeding me spoonfuls of ice chips, taking deep breaths, and crying crying crying.  I just couldn't handle it!  The nurses couldn't figure out why the epidural wasn't working on my abdomen and said it was probably the way it was placed.  It was a huge bummer, but I knew it would be over eventually!

Around 7:00, I asked the nurse to check me and I'm glad I did - I was ready to push! They hurried and got the room all set up.  I started pushing around 7:15ish and at 7:34 AM, a perfect baby girl was born!

  All the praying, all the worrying, all the pain was lifted in a single second & was replaced by immediate pure love for this sweet baby.

8 lbs, 2 oz & 21 inches long. My biggest & longest baby!

Daddy's girl.

Aubrey's twin.  It was like holding baby Aubs all over again.  We kept saying over and over "She's so cute.  Look how CUTE she is!" 

After being wheeled up to our postpartum room.  I was in pure heaven with my new baby girl.  We did skin to skin for a couple hours and she nursed like a champ.  

We had a bit of a hard time naming this baby!  With Aubrey and Kate, we knew before I got pregnant those were our first two girl's names.  Our name was Bella for a while, but after a while we decided to drop the E because we liked Ella even more.  (Watching the Cinderella movie may or may not have had something to do with that).  Love our Ella Rose!

All ready to go home and meet her big sisters!  

Just so delicious.  Those lips!! 

The doting grandmas with their new grand baby.

So much love.  This man was meant to raise baby girls - he is the best with them.

The hair!  Darkest of our babies so far.  Right before my last push the nurse said, "Wow, that is a LOT of hair.  And so long!" and I think that was the last bit of motivation I needed to push her out, because she came in the next few seconds!  I know I'm biased - but I love me a baby with a head full of hair!

We got to go home on October 7th in the afternoon.  I was beyond excited to see my big girls.  They came right through the door demanding to see "baby Ella".  After squeezing the pudding out of them we went in the other room and introduced them to their new baby sister.  My heart was a puddle on the floor.  My three girls!  I love them so much.  

They have been doing so great with her and I'm proud of them for how well they are adjusting.  

It's already been a week and I can't stop crying like a baby about it.  My recovery has been less than stellar this time around & my baby blues have caused me to become the most weepy, emotional lady alive, but life is still so good.  More to come later when I can tear myself away from this dreamy baby!


  1. She is so stinking precious! The first weeks are so hard, and heck, it's still a little hard, but you are SUCH a good mom and all those girls are so blessed to have you. Having such a helpful hubby helps too! :) Congrats to you all! :)