Thursday, October 1, 2015

baby three update.

I figured I better do one last pregnancy post before it's too late. The above picture was taken this morning right at 38.5 weeks.  10 days until I am due!  Shouldn't it feel real or close yet?

I had a dr.'s appointment Monday, and because of my past speedy labor situation, she didn't check me because she said even that could put me into labor.  The plan is to be induced on my due date if baby is not here yet, or a day or two after.  I had the BEST experience being induced with Aubrey, so I'm hoping baby waits until then.  I really am nervous for this baby to come even faster than Kate did and end up having to do it without an epidural again.  It IS comforting to know I survived it once, so I know I can do it again.  (I truly am grateful for quick, uneventful labors, I just would prefer not to feel the ring of fire again. Ever.)

As to be expected, I'm feeling pretty uncomfortable most of the time: lots of contractions, (how the heck am I supposed to know when I'm really in labor if I have contractions ALL day?!) back pain, restless leg syndrome, emotional, rib kicks, heartburn, peeing 3+ times a night (not to mention about every half hour during the day!) I'm a total walking blob of "last week of pregnancy" symptoms, but that's okay.  It's just part of the sacrifice of bringing these amazing babies into the world.  I'm trying to stay positive and patient - and I know although it's hard to believe right now, I'll miss being pregnant one day!

While I feel like my belly is the biggest of all my pregnancies, somehow I've gained the least amount of weight this time around.  I'm up 17 lbs from the start of pregnancy.  I'm sure it's because of all the weight I lost in the first trimester due to morning sickness.  So glad that ship has sailed! Aubrey and Kate were both a hair above 7.5 lbs, but since I feel so big this time around I'm going to guess this baby is an 8 lb chunker.  I'll honestly be surprised if she is the same as my others!

I plan to not do much at all the next ten days - just enjoy my two girls at home getting all of my love and attention with no distractions. I always get so emotional right before I have my babies - before Aubrey I was so worried  about how my marriage would change, before Kate I was so worried about how Aubrey would handle my attention being split.  This time I'm a little more at ease - the girls have each other now and are both a bit older. (I might be a little overconfident about the transition, but I really feel at peace with how they will do.  They are well adjusted kiddos and for that I'm so grateful.) 

 I've had a few talks with the girls (mostly Aubrey) about changes that will be happening and how I'll need their help sometimes with the new baby.  They are both excited to take on the challenge of helping out with their new baby sis.  Aubrey got a little emotional when telling her that I'll be at the hospital a couple of days.  She said she is worried about me.  Sweet angel!
My biggest worry is how Kate will do being bumped up to middle child.  She is such a mama's girl and while she acts really excited for her baby sister, she doesn't realize how often the baby needs mama quite yet.  HER mama!  I pray every night she does okay, and that I can remember to fulfill her needs the best I can.  Gosh I love that girl.  

So now, we wait!  Usually by this point I'm doing everything I possibly can to go into labor, but this time I'm doing nothing of the sort and just enjoying this last short week in this current season of life I'm in - a mom of two!  It's been such a sweet chapter in my life - but I know the best is yet to come.  


  1. You look fantastic! I'm so excited for you and your family! My only concern is the induction plan. Induction is very, very risky. You were so lucky to have a great experience with Aubrey, but most inductions actually make labors A LOT longer, often days long. It's very, very risky to choose induction unless you have a medical reason or are more than 2 weeks overdue. I am not trying to pick you apart and hope you aren't offended. I just wanted to mention that in case your doctor has not. Doctors will do just about anything for additional money.

  2. No offense taken! The only reason they would induce early is because I have gestational diabetes, so there definitely is a medical reason. I do know they can make labors longer, but with my history my dr doesn't think that should be a problem. Honestly, I think I will go into labor before my due date so I'm sure it won't even happen!

  3. You look phenomenal! Loving the matchy matchy pic!! I put little man in matching clothes to Dada all the time, and I'd totally be in on it if we had a little girl! Happy thoughts for L&D :)

  4. I totally relate to how you described yourself as being emotional right before birth. I'm the same way and had the exact same concerns as you. When I was preparing to give birth to my third I felt extremely guilty because my second child was only 11 months old. I felt like it was unfair to take his mama away so young, but we hadn't planned it that way it was just what we were blessed with and it all turned out just fine. I love hearing that you've prayed about the dynamic of Kate being a middle child. She is so blessed to have a mama like you who is so considerate of her. You will do great! Congrats and good luck!