Monday, October 19, 2015

first bath.

The other day Ella's umbilical cord fell off which every mom knows is one of the best days ever - it means you can give your baby a bath!  A real bath.  Not a sponge bath. (Not that I ever gave her one of those.  #thirdbabyproblems)

I had two cute little bathing helpers - they were so honored I let them wash her little legs and feet, and they were even in charge of her lotion rubdown after the bath. ;)  They did the best job.

Third blue eyed girl.  Who would have thought?  (Neither Steve or I have blue eyes.)

Kate is never NOT wearing that Elsa dress!  

Ella the unicorn.  She loved her bath, but hated being taken out of course.  A snuggle in her unicorn towel and all was right in the world again.

Love this picture - not only does it show the girls ever so carefully rubbing lotion on Ella, but it also shows the huge pile of laundry in the back, random stuff on the floor, and if you look really closely, nursing bras drying hanging on the door handle.  Real life with a newborn!  Zero time to clean.

Her hair was so fluffy after it dried.  I couldn't stop touching it and smelling her perfect little head!

Her eye contact is getting better by the day.  Stop growing up so fast, baby girl!

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