Friday, November 6, 2015

Ella Rose - Month One

 Dear Ella,

Somehow it's been one whole month since you came into our family.  This past month has been incredible, soul-stretching, humbling & life changing.  You have been the most amazing little baby & it seems way too good to be true that we get to keep you forever.  

Even though it's only been two weeks since I've written about you, you have already changed so much!  You are alert so much more during the day.  You prefer napping on me or in your wrap.  You love to nurse and will sometimes stop & smile while eating.  It melts my heart each & every time.  You get up a couple times a night, and are sometimes hard to get back to sleep.  You will stare into Daddy's eyes the longest.  You smile for him the most, too.  You love your baths and take them often because your hair gets greasy from me petting your fluffy haired head all the time.  I can't really help it.  You've started making these tiny cooing noises that are painfully cute.  Basically, we think everything you do is ridiculously adorable.  

While I'm certainly no pro (nor will I ever be no matter how many babies I have), things are so much more calm and relaxed with you than they were with your sisters.  I don't worry if you're eating enough.  I don't stress out & get (too)  frustrated when you're crying and I can't get you to stop.  I don't frantically google things like "when will my baby poop?!" We know all too well that all these hard little stages eventually come to an end - & then we will miss them!

The only thing I really worry about with you is that time will go too quickly & you will grow up before my heart can take it.  Sometimes I wish my desire for these moments with you to last longer was stronger than the hands of time.

While we are in this heavenly (yet exhausting) newborn stage that I love so much & will be sad to see go, there truly is nothing more that I want than for you to keep growing strong & healthy.  I can't wait to get to know you and see what you will be like.  Will you be sensitive & sweet like Aubrey?  Or feisty & hilarious like Kate?  I already love whatever you turn out to be.  

  (Finally got a tiny smile on camera)

Happy one month baby girl.  We are enjoying every second of your sweet presence. 

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  1. So beautiful. These girls will be so blessed by these letters you have prepared for them.