Friday, November 6, 2015

pumpkin patch.

When Ella was two weeks old we finally decided to brave the outside world and go to the pumpkin patch as a family.  The first outing with a new baby is always daunting, but everything went just fine and the girls had a ton of fun. (Minus leaving with a huge wet spot on my shirt after a feeding …oops.  Thank goodness for plaid!)  I didn't get a ton of pictures (no time for such things with three kids!) but got a few for the memory book.  

My tall little girls!

The train ride was the big girl's highlight.

Angel baby.  

Heck yes we are all matching ;)  Love these girls more than words.

And our first of many pictures as a family of five!

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  1. Sweet! We love Bishops :) We went to Apple Hill twice this year so we skipped Bishops but I sort of wish we hadn't.