Tuesday, December 22, 2015

baker babes.

This week, (along with the rest of the Christmas celebrating world) we made cookies and delivered them warm to some people we loved.  And ate wayyyyy too many licks of raw cookie dough.  Good news is we are all alive, well, & here to tell about it!  (26.5 years and counting of eating raw cookie dough and not one single case of salmonella.  It's all a lie.)

We baked away all morning alongside a cooing baby Ella.

Can't even handle her cuteness sometimes.

There were never such devoted sisters..

I would post a picture of the final product - but we were in too big of a rush to eat them all up!  If you're looking for a great double chocolate chip recipe w/ white chocolate chips - Pioneer Woman has the best one ever!

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  1. Another beautiful bunch of pics :) Ellas outfit is adorable too x