Thursday, December 17, 2015

big girls.

Since having Ella, it feels as if Aubs and Kate have grown into GIANTS overnight.  I'm pretty sure a couple months ago I was still referring to Kate as a toddler.  But there are no toddlers in this house!  Two kids and a baby.  Ahh!

Kate was my big mama's girl for her first 2.5 years.  She still prefers me, but I can tell that she is slowly growing out of it & has stepped up to her "middle child" role.  It breaks my heart a bit and makes me feel guilty, but at the same time so proud at how well she has done with this whole big sister thing.  She is still SOO enthralled with her baby sister & it makes me so happy to see.  Every time I go to change her diaper, Kate will run (sprint!) to the changing table & shout, "WAIT FOR ME!  DON'T DO IT WITHOUT ME!!!"  and if someone is talking to Ella in their lap, on the floor, etc. she will literally turn Ella's face toward her and say, "Look at ME, Ella.  It's me Katester!"  (You don't know how annoying your voice is until you hear your kids imitate your baby voice. Seriously.)

I think what has helped the most with the transition to three is these two having each other.  I have NO idea what we will do when Aubrey goes off to kindergarten next August (don't wanna talk about it) and Kate will have to just hang out with her old mom!

All I know, is that these two BIG GIRLS sure have my heart.  They are sweet, helpful, hilarious, just naughty enough to make things interesting, and darn cute. What more could I really ask for?  


  1. You have such a good perspective on things. "Just naughty enough to make things interesting." I love that.

  2. I have been loving all of your images lately! Every time I pull up a post I think "gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!" As your girls have grown, so has your photography skills. I love stopping in and looking in at your fun family. You make mothering look all things wonderful. Have a Merry Christmas!

  3. You have the most beautiful girls and I can't even deal with how cute those coats are too!!