Saturday, December 26, 2015

christmas eve EVE.

Since we always have a bunch of family/church events the week of Christmas, we decided to celebrate and do our Christmas Eve traditions on the day before Christmas Eve and make that OUR new tradition.  We started a few new things this year that I'm so excited about!  One was our Christmas advent chain.  We made a simple chain out of red & green construction paper in the beginning of December, wrote out one Christmasy activity on each one, and the girls got to take turns ripping off a chain link each morning until Christmas day.  We kept things simple - things like make a hot chocolate bar, cut out paper snowflakes, and then a couple service related things too like donate old toys.  The girls loved doing it each morning and looked forward to the activity we got to do that day.  

We also did our other traditions earlier in the week such as look at holiday lights, make cookies, etc.  Nothing too crazy or unique but fun regardless.

Even though this picture is technically wrong in so many ways (grainy much?) it's still one of my all time favorite photos of my three together.  This was right before our "Christmas eve EVE program" and they were just so excited and giddy.  Kate's hand placement cracks me up, and then little floating Ella looking as sweet and clueless as ever.  

This year we had our first "sibling gift exchange," (minus Ella)  We went to Toys R Us and we each helped each girl pick out something for the other.  I loved how excited they were to see the other open their gift!  We had a little lesson about what giving means at Christmastime right before.

 We also had them wrap the gifts all by themselves -if that wasn't obvious! 

A thank you hug -- so sweet!  Aubrey got her little princesses with clip on dresses so she can switch them out.  She LOVES them and keep her entertained forever.

Aubrey's turn..

Kate got Aubrey a play cash register.  She has recently been interested in counting/math so it was the perfect gift so she can play "store."

After the sibling exchange, we gave the girls a group gift - popcorn, hot chocolate, jammies, & Christmas movies.  I think each year we will switch between books/movies.

After playing with their new toys for a bit, we snuggled up and watched Rudolph together.  It was a perfect Christmas eve EVE with new traditions that I'm so excited to continue over the years to come!

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  1. That looks like such an awesome Christmas eve! I love it!