Saturday, December 26, 2015

christmas eve/christmas day

We had a wonderful two full days of celebrating Christmas with both sides of our family.  Lots of fun old/new traditions, running around playing with cousins - and yes, LOTS of present opening!  I'm always awful at taking pictures on actual holidays (too much going on with kids!) but I did manage to capture a few on my phone to show something for our holiday fun.

Steve's family started a new tradition of a live nativity.  It was pretty cute and funny - the girls were angels and Ella was baby Jesus.  Yep - she's wrapped in swaddling sheets :)

That night we got home and played Santa.  We went pretty easy on gifts this year - a few "big gifts" set out and one thing to open.  We got these cute convertibles during Toys R Us Black Friday sale for a steal - the girls had no clue they were getting them!  Ella made out with a baby Cinderella doll and a book.

Kate was most excited about the play doh in her stocking above all else.

Can you tell we are brainwashing Ella into having CinderELLA be her favorite princess?

I think the girls' favorite gift was getting to play with their cousins all day!  I remember that being my favorite part of holidays too when I was little.  So glad they have a few around their age.

My mom got me these beautiful Lisa Leonard rings with the girls' names on them and I am in LOVE.  Can't stop staring at my favorite names in the world wrapped around my finger.

Oh Papa.  My kids adore him so much.  The love starts young!

Sleeping Christmas angel.  

This Christmas was extra special because it was this little lady's first.  I love having a baby around the holidays.  Actually, I just love always having a baby around.  If only it didn't go so fast!!

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