Friday, December 11, 2015

disney in december!

We spent the beginning of this week in Southern California for a quick Disney trip with Steve's family.  Disneyland during Christmastime is my favorite time to go.  I love Southern California Decembers (cool, crisp air, but sunny!) & Disneyland is decorated so beautifully for Christmas.  I just love that place.
I know I've done a million Disney posts, but this one is special because it was miss Ella's FIRST trip.  First of many!  She was a champ on the car rides and was a little angel the whole trip.  I'd say she's another Williams Disney fan ;)
I never went to Disneyland when I was a little kid, but I am pretty sure that nothing can be better than watching your own kids experience the magic there.  I love watching them have such a great time & making such fun memories. 

On the Jellyfish with my girl.  

Most hilarious picture of the trip - Aubs is holding on to her Grandpa for dear life, and I'm doing a duck face?

I kept seeing people taking pictures of the palm trees and talking about them.  Sometimes I forget how awesome it is to live in California.  

I put Ella in this blue onesie and forgot to bring a headband.  She totally looked like a baby boy!  Cutest baby boy ever I'd say :)

I was wearing Ella and Aubrey was sitting in Kate's spot, she we stuck her in Ella's carseat for a while. She got such a kick out of it and looked so big in there!

Those big toddler feet sticking out!

This girl was totally in her element.  Always dancing, singing, and talking talking talking. :) 

Marrying into a Disney obsessed family was a great decision.  I highly recommend it.  (Thanks Nicole for my "Elsa" hair!)

I just took a picture of him because it looked like he was nursing. Ha!

Playing with snow in the "Frozen" area..

I swear I'm not pulling a Michael Jackson and holding my kid over the fence… it just looks like it from this angle. Lol!

I'd say she likes it here!  Such a sweet, happy baby.  

Never gets old meeting their favorite princesses..

Til next time Disney!  

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  1. I love everything about this post! Before I got to your comments about the picture holding Ella with the cover, I thought "boy it looks like he's nursing her!"