Sunday, December 6, 2015

ella's two month tidbits.

Miss Ella is two months old now.  (I know. WHAT?!)
At her doctor's appt the other day she weighed 10 lbs, 7 oz.  She is in the 20th percentile for weight & 95th percentile for height.  Tall & skinny.  Her big sisters weighed about a pound more at this point, so Ella is officially my smallest baby so far.  (However my biggest birth weight baby?) 
She has become so smiley this month!  In between naps and eating she is the happiest little thing and will just stare at you and smile and coo.  She is pretty irresistable. 
Her daytime life is pretty much a routine now: Eat, awake time for 1-1.5 hours, cuddle with mom to fall asleep, nap, repeat.  She goes to bed for the night around 8ish & has been sleeping all the way until 4am the past week or so.  After eating at 4, she'll usually sleep another 3-4 hours.  Angel baby!  
She still loves being in the wrap.  She has never NOT fallen asleep while in that thing.  It's magic I tell you!  I love wearing her - it feels like a constant hug from my sweet baby.  I can't help but kiss her fluffy haired head over & over!

Putting her down for naps is one of my favorite times with her.  We get in the rocker with her pacifier and blankie, and I rock and cuddle and sing to her until she drifts off.  Sometimes I set her down in her bassinet, sometimes I hold her for the whole time.  Sometimes I'll have her nap on me in the playroom so I can still hang out with her big sisters.
Breastfeeding is finally issue-free & such a special, sweet time.  It took a good 6-7 weeks to not be in pain, but it was worth it.  She will sometimes break her latch to look up and smile at me.  I swear its almost as if she is saying, "Thank you Mama!"  (At least I like to think so.)
She is still in newborn diapers & newborn size clothes. (Minus jammies) She is getting a little long for them, but she's still swimming in her 3 month clothes.    

Sometimes when she smiles, she raises her eyebrows up and down like she's saying, "Hey girl heyy". ;)
While we still think she looks like Aubrey a ton, as she gets bigger we think she has more of her own look.  We might be biased, but we think she is downright beautiful.
She rolled over for the first time at five weeks - way earlier than her big sisters did.  She is a tummy time champ!

Having a baby for the third time has been such a sweet, smooth experience so far.  We feel so lucky and blessed to have three healthy, adorable daughters and we couldn't really ask for anything more.  I feel like this time around I am more aware than ever how special & short these days are while she is so small, which makes the days even sweeter.  

You sure are loved, Ella Rose!  


  1. I love looking through your posts, just to swoon over the beautiful baby pics, you're quite the talented photographer, but do have beautiful little models!

  2. Love the pictures and lol at "hey girl, hey." Also, is it just me or are they literally like squishy newborns for like 2 weeks?! Seriously! It's going by even faster this go round.

  3. Its not a bias to say she is beautiful because she truly is! I also love the note about the eyebrow thing I've seen that look and think its adorably hilarious :)