Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Halls are Decked!

This past week Steve had five (FIVE!!) days off in a row for the Thanksgiving holiday, and one of the top priorities of things to do was get our house all decorated for Christmas.  This is our first Christmas in our new home, and it was fun to decide where everything goes.  

I "had" to get new stockings for everyone this year, so Ella's could match!  I love the initial ones for the kids.  Steve said our fourth kids' name needs to start with an I so it will spell IKEA.  ha!

I got a bunch of Christmasy florals from the Dollar Tree and stuck them in all our vases around the house.  

Yes that is the Elf on the Shelf guy back there hanging from the microwave handle.  We aren't very creative… but the kids still LOVE it!

Dollar tree glitter bows… 

And dollar tree wreaths for the formal dining room chairs.  I have a thing about decorating the back of chairs.  And the Dollar Tree store. :)

Dollar tree ornaments… (10 ornaments for $1.00!) 

My twelve year old self would cringe at me saying this…but I'm so glad my parents had me stick with piano.  The girls love when I play, especially Christmas or Disney songs.  I always hated practicing when I was younger, but I had no idea how much joy playing would bring to my family someday.  

We decided to put the tree in our front room so we could see it through the window all lit up.  It's my favorite part of coming home from places at night.

These girls were all about the tree decorating this year.  We get them an ornament each year, and this year Aubrey got Jasmine & Kate got Elsa.  Both their favorites.  Seconds after Aubrey got her ornament, Steve was taking the tag off and Jasmine fell to the floor, and lost a hand and both her legs.  After some tears, Aubrey decided Jasmine doesn't need limbs to be the best princess ever. 

I'm so glad we decided to have a fireplace built in this home.  It makes everything extra cozy during the Winter.  

First holidays are a big deal at this mom-tographer's house!  I am LOVING every second with this sweet angel baby.  I seriously cannot think of one single thing I want for Christmas this year because I feel like we got the best possible early gift in October.  

Now we just need to talk Daddy into hanging some lights outside… 


  1. Wonderful for you....I love the gray colors throughout the house....

  2. Your decorating is gorgeous! But tell me- how do you keep your home so clean with littles? Please make me feel better and say there's a room in your house that is wall to wall toys or something ;-)

    1. Oh Alicia it's never this clean! The photographer in me can't stand the distraction clutter causes in pictures so sometimes I'll move things out of the way before I take a picture. Haha! Also, our downstairs is easier to keep clean. Our upstairs is another story!