Wednesday, January 6, 2016

ella rose / three months.

As of today Ella is officially out of the newborn stage and is a big three month old!
I'm happy to report she is the same content, chill baby that she was at two months.
Not too much has changed, except lots of growing & getting chubbier & cuter.
She eats about every 3 hours during the day. She loves holding my finger when she eats & I love it even more.
She has been sleeping from 8-6 most nights the past few weeks.  I don't lie when I say this baby is an angel.
She loves to "talk" and can successfully say the word, "Goo." ;)
Still waiting on a big laugh - so far we have just gotten sweet little squeals of delight.  I think this will be the month.
She has started sitting in her Bumbo and can hold her head pretty steady for a few minutes.
Sleeps in her crib full time now - already time to pack up the bassinet!
Her nicknames include: Bubbs, Ella Vanilla, EllaRoo, & Bean.  Her daddy calls her Elle.
She rolled over the first time at five weeks, but barely does it now! She is pretty content on her belly.
While awake, she is a mover and a shaker.   Always kicking those scrawny little legs.
She is still the smiliest little thing & will reward you with a grin just by looking her way.
She gets comments on her hair just about everywhere we go.  After bathtime it still sticks straight up.
She also has the most hilarious looking bald spot in the back.
She is a great napper & just needs a cuddle with mom & a binky to fall asleep.
Not a huge fan of her carseat!  Thankfully her big sisters sit right next to her in the car & are her faithful pacifier attendants.

I have enjoyed her newborn stage so much & am sad to see it go.  This has easily been the least stressful experience out of my three & not much can ruffle my feathers this time around.  I feel blessed every day to get to be the one that nurtures her & takes care of her.  She's such a little sweetie & we love her SO much!

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