Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Kate's Unicorn Party!

This past weekend, our feisty little Kate had her third birthday party!  The theme was unicorns with lots of pink, purple, & SPARKLE, per the birthday girls' request.  Our family ended up getting the stomach flu during the first part of the week, & it made things a little stressful with getting everything ready for the party, but it ended up being worth it after hearing Kate SQUEAL "Mommy Mommy it's so so pwitty thank you thank you thank you!" 
She had a blast and still randomly will say, "Mommy, I YUVVED my unicorn pawty." 

How is my sweet baby girl three already??  Her shirt says "Three and Fabulous." So her!

After seeing these unicorn riding sticks on Etsy I knew I had to give them out as favors.  I ordered the heads (I don't sew!), stuffed them with PolyFil, & hotglued/tied them to cheap wooden dowels from Lowe's.  The kiddos loved them!

I planned on making a really cute version of this game on a poster board, but after the stomach flu took us down one by one I decided to give myself a break and order this three dollar one from Amazon.  It worked!

Kate LOVES cupcakes, so I had to have some be a part of her treat table.  I made her favorite "Funfetti" flavor of course ;)  To make the unicorn horns, I used a seashell candy mold since I couldn't find any unicorn horn ones.  Even though I'm terrible at frosting, I think they turned out cute!

These amazing sugar cookies were ordered from a bakery online.  I was so impressed with the details AND how they tasted.  

The girls all made rainbow necklaces out of Fruit Loops.  Most of them ate them right off. :)

Each girl got her own unicorn horn headband.  My mom whipped them up the night before the party. She's amazing!

No pictures of the food, but the kids just had a simple lunch of PB&J's, applesauce, & bugles. (Bugles were the closest thing to unicorn horns I could think of!)

The backdrop is just dollar tree plastic tablecloths attached to my photography backdrop stand.

Unicorn Ring toss!

She was so excited for her friends to get here!

Although after each party I swear it's my last, I just love going all out and celebrating my little girls!


  1. What a lucky girl, the party looks amazing. The fruit loop necklace is such a good idea!