Saturday, January 23, 2016

life update!

Part of me hates that this blog has just become a dumping ground for milestone, birthday, & holidays posts.  My goal is try to stop on by more often on here & just give life updates and include pictures.  No staged pretty pictures, no rhyme or reason, just the latest happenings of what's been going on in our family.  Life goes by too fast and I want to remember it!  So I'll apologize in advance (if anyone even still reads this thing besides a handful of family members) for the blurry, bad lighting phone pictures, & jumbled words.

My Aubrey girl!  Not sure why her and her dad look so serious  - they are about to partake in the most delicious dessert in the world. ;)  Aubrey turns five in a little over a month.  I have a "Kindergarten Information Night" to attend next week & enrollment for school is the day after.  I know it's been said over and over, but the baby/toddler/little kid years really do fly by so. dang. fast.  I'm a little sad about her starting school this year, but I'm also excited for this next stage of mommy hood.  Packing lunches, helping with school projects, and volunteering in classrooms sounds right up my alley and I'm looking forward to it.  Part of me feels guilty sometimes that she didn't go to preschool, but then when I see how bright she is and how much she has learned just at home with me, I know she will be just fine.  I truly feel like I have gotten to experience her first five years right by her side, and that makes me feel really thankful. I haven't missed a thing & I just love the little person she is becoming!!

Steve has always been so excited for Aubrey to be old enough to be on his basketball league.  Her first game was a total doozy, she got hurt and cried on my lap for the majority of the game.  Last night was her second game, which went a little better, but after half a quarter of playing she said she needed to "rest" which turned into the rest of the game.  She's a sensitive little thing & I'm not so sure this sport is for her quite yet, but we'll keep trying!  She sure looks cute and tiny in that huge uniform.  (Steve's number was also 30 in high school. Proud dad!)

Aubrey is a daddy's girl through and through, but she loves to do all the girly stuff with me, which you know I eat right up.  She loves to paint nails, have "spa dates", & go shopping. I know we have lots of little dates in our future & I look forward to them all!  Having a daughter is the best.  (Not that I can compare it to anything else! Ha!)

This sweet little babe, I tell you what.  We are enjoying her so much.  If I could guarantee all future babies would be as amazing and dreamy as her, I swear I would have ten kids. (I love in the above left photo how she is puffing her chest out and "flexing"!)  Now, here's a bunch of pictures on my phone of Ella that I want to keep but didn't quite make the Instagram cut. 

 Already in the Bumbo stage!

We ended up getting the stomach flu a while back (Just Steve, me, & Kate) and my milk supply has gone down a lot. Ella nurses WAYYY more often now.  I have yet to try the Fenugreek/Mother's milk tea tricks to boost supply.  Anything else I should know about? The stomach flu always takes a huge toll on my body because I'm already underweight.  Adding a nursing baby on top of it has really had me feeling like Skeletor! Give me all the cheeseburgers!

 I know every mom thinks their baby is a special snowflake & the cutest in the world...but it feels pretty good to be right about it.  Ha!  I'm just kidding.  But seriously.  

Sometimes I'll save the girls' screen time when I know Ella is going down for a nap, just so I can hold her the whole time.  It's one of my favorite things to do with my babies. 

How did we not have one of these contraptions with our other babies?  She loves the thing.

Ella and I had a little hair appointment date the other day. (my hair takes three hours!) 

Since having number three the girls have really had to rely on each other for entertainment, and I love finding them after feedings/putting Ella down for naps giggling & playing together.  Their new thing is Aubrey "reading" to Kate and playing teacher.  

These girls (especially Kate) live for play doh!  They will spend a good hour creating all sorts of masterpieces.  The stuff takes forever to clean up and gets all over the place, but it's so worth it for that hour of peace. ;)

My handsome date a few weeks ago.  Yes, that's Ella's car seat in the stroller next to him.  Yes, we still have yet to leave the baby.  But if you met her you wouldn't blame me!  I miss the kid even when she's napping a room away. 

This picture was just from today.  I've never had kids that just nap around the house wherever they fall asleep.  Its very rare that they nap at all, but when it's up against their big sister during Pocahontas?  It's just too cute to not take a picture.  Love that she's in her Snow White play dress.  She is ALWAYS in dress up clothes.  

I started back up my photography business this month & I've been enjoying getting back to it!  I'm only doing one session a week this year, which is just the perfect amount to give me a little something to look forward to during the week.  It's been fun using my new studio with actual clients and not just poor Ella who has quite a bit of photoshoots in there with mom. :)

Phew, that was an earful!  Life gets so busy so I'm hoping to check in here a little more often to update.  It's been rainy & pretty uneventful around here, but I'm finding the days where we are home all day with nowhere to be are always my favorite.  
Til next time!!


  1. I think your blog is raw and real, keep at it momma! No frills needed :)

  2. I love the "real" updates! They're like pictured journal entries that remind us all to notice the "little joys" in life.
    Also, I'd still love to read a post about your studio set up :)

    1. ahh thanks for the reminder! I have one sitting in draft that I NEED to finish!! And thanks! :)