Tuesday, January 5, 2016

three years with kate brielle.

Kate is three years old today.  Typing that sentence kind of makes me feel like I've been punched in the stomach & want to burst into tears, but mostly?  Mostly I just feel really proud.  She is hilarious & beautiful & constantly leaves me in awe that I'm lucky enough to be her mom.  

Here are a few tidbits about my sweet Kate..

Kate loves play doh, pancakes, princesses, dress up, ballet class, playing Mario, and not eating any of her dinner. 

One of my favorite little funny things she does: When she is playing dress up with her princess dresses, she will run into the room we are in, and yell, "TA DA!  Snooooow White!" (or whoever's dress she is wearing) with her arms up in the air.  It never gets old.  

She loves getting her back tickled, and when she wants you to do it she'll say, "I want tickle-backs."  It is literally impossible to say no with how cute her little voice is.

She is a story teller.  She always tells us these long, drawn out stories and they always start with "A willy long time ago…" and they usually have to do with a ride at Disneyland.  

She is the best sister ever.  She is Aubrey's best playmate and Ella's biggest entertainer.  Aubrey goes to a reading class once a week for two hours and she whines the whole time until she comes home.  When she returns, she gives her the biggest hug and acts like she hasn't seen her in years.

Her left eye shrinks when she smiles big, just like mine.  She has the biggest, best smile ever.  No matter what is going on, one smile from this girl and it feels like all is right in the world.


The thing I want to remember most about Kate at this age is how happy & loving she is.  Her excitement for life is contagious and she is an absolute joy to be around.

Happy Birthday Katester Bunny!  I can't wait to make you pancakes (which you ask for for dinner every single night) and do all your favorite things today!  You are loved beyond measure, sweet girl.


  1. Happy birthday, Kate. Loved the stories about her and the funny/cute things she does :)

  2. This is so so sweet. I absolutely love your photos of Kate is just SO cute! I can't believe she's THREE Already! I remember when Aubrey was a baby and you were just announcing number 2!! Crazy.