Saturday, February 6, 2016

Ella Rose - Four Months!

Today is Ella's four month birthday.  The only thing that softens that blow a bit is the fact that 4-5 months is my favorite age ever.  It's such a squishy, smiley, cuddly age -- and they don't crawl yet!  I'm just eating it all up.  

Those teeny tiny thigh rolls are the reason for my existence I swear.  Gah!

This month was a lot like last month.  No new crazy milestones over here.  We're on the same routine of eating, awake an hour, and then nap.  She now wants to nurse to go down for naps - so she eats a LOT during the day.  Thankfully she's a quick little eater - never more than ten minutes and she's out for the count.  

Speaking of sleep, she no longer sleeps through the night.  Since I got the stomach flu last month, from that day forward she gets up once a night. I think my milk supply might have gotten lower - but it might have just been coincidence.  Luckily she just has a quick snack and then she goes right back to sleep.  I still really can't complain too much in the sleep department.  The baby LOVES her sleep.

She weighs a hair over 12 lbs.  (10th percentile) I've never had a baby this tiny. (Kate was 14 lbs at this age!) Whenever a stranger asks how old she is, they always say, "What! I thought she was two months!"  She's a petite little thing - which is hilarious because she eats like a piggy. :)
I finally dug out her 3-6 month clothes but she doesn't wear any of them yet.  0-3 for life, baby!  She's also in size 1 diapers now.

She loves "standing up" while holding our hands and will just smile and squeal away the whole time. 

She's starting to actually play with her bouncer/play mat toys.  

Her personality is still so happy & chill.  But wouldn't you be if you had four naps a day and were completely obsessed over in between them?  This baby is constantly mauled by her adoring sisters (and her mama, too!)  Every time she wakes up from a nap it's like Christmas morning over here.  Needless to say - we are head over heels for this girl! She's starting to really recognize all of us and gets so happy whenever she sees us.  

Well, we do have SOME complaints. We STILL haven't gotten a good belly laugh out of her yet.  She's more of a giggler/squealer.  Maybe this month!  Baby belly laughs are like music to my ears.
Also, she doesn't love her car seat still.  
She can get fussy if her routine is thrown off (like at church on Sundays).  We try to stick to her routine so everyone is happy!

I left her for a whole hour last week finally.  Aubrey had a Kindergarten information meeting & I really wanted to have all my attention on it & not be distracted so I left her with my mom.  Apparently she woke up from her nap STARVING so I texted my mom to try giving her some formula.  Ha!  That was a big joke.  Ella likes her meals locally grown and straight from the source.  

She is starting to lose chunks of hair when I wash it.  She still has a pretty impressive bald spot in the back -- but still has plenty of chocolatey locks leftover. I wonder if her hair will stay dark brown or lighten up like both her sisters did.  

It's amazing how although this is our third go around with babies, I really do forget how sweet and fun each baby stage is.  Ella is just about as sweet as they come & I feel beyond blessed to be her mom.  

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