Saturday, February 13, 2016

happy valentines day!

We celebrated Love Day a day early this year because we are leaving on a little getaway tomorrow (just Steve & I & one cute third wheel of a baby!)  This is my favorite holiday so I tend to go a little all out.  (Pretty sure I baked more heart goodies and did more crafts with the girls than I did at Christmas time!)  

Steve has gotten the girls really into Star Wars this year so they had Star Wars themed Valentine's Day goodies this morning.  I have to say - never thought I'd be shopping in the boy toy section in Target!  I love those girls & their excitement for all sorts of different things. The other day, the girls were playing with their light sabers while in Disney princess dresses.  They requested me to be Darth Vader - which I must say is a welcome change since I usually have to be the wicked witch when playing pretend with them.

This morning we headed to get donuts in our jammies (which the girls thought was just the greatest & most hilarious thing ever) It was beautiful weather so we played with their new chalk in the front yard & blew bubbles.  We made a huge sugar cookie for Steve (my friend gave me the YUMMIEST recipe - thanks Heather!) & we ended the night with heart shaped pizza (straight from Papa Murphys).  

I took these photos for my Valentine's Day Mini Sessions promo I did a few weeks ago & they are probably some of my favorite images of the girls ever.  So much LOVE for these girls of mine!

Happy Valentines Day everyone!

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