Sunday, February 21, 2016

Valentine's Day Weekend in Napa

On Valentine's Day weekend Steve planned a little getaway for us (plus a cute little nursing baby) to Napa.  Even though we don't drink wine, we love going there for the food & gorgeous scenery - plus it's only a short drive from Rocklin.

Breakfast at Jax Diner.  So delicious!

Ella was an angel the whole trip.  You forget how easy it is with only one kiddo in tow.  I don't know what it is about Napa, but they just LOVE babies there.  She was doted on the whole weekend by many!  People kept asking if she was our first baby and it was funny to see the look on their faces when we told them it was actually our third.

After breakfast we took the gondola ride at Sterling Vineyards.  There was a wine tasting there, but Ella preferred a hand tasting - her latest trick & obsession.

We missed the boat on making reservations at a nice restaurant for Valentine's Day, but the food ended up being really good at the place we went to.  (Trancas Steakhouse)

The next morning we had some time on our hands and somehow I talked Steve into getting a pedicure with me.  

We stopped at V. Sattui before we left to go home for some whoopee pies.  The best!

There were fields and fields of yellow flowers (weeds) and we pulled over so I could take a picture. Steve got a kick out of my motivation to get that perfect shot...

This sweet baby girl.  We loved getting to shower her with all our attention...and I think she loved getting to be an only child for the weekend.

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