Friday, March 4, 2016

aubrey is five!

My baby girl is FIVE years old today.

I think anybody that knows Aubrey knows what a sweet, good girl she is.  She is incredibly loving, kind, & responsible.  Not only is she as sweet as sugar, she's also just REALLY cool. 

When I say she is responsible - I mean she brushes her teeth three times a day - "Don't wanna get cavities mom!"  She cracks us up with how "OCD" she can be about things.  It's endearing, really. It's pretty awesome watching your kid turn down candy because "I already had some sugar today. I'll save it for tomorrow!" I mean, where did this kid COME from?
I wish I could take credit for her responsible personality and say it's from great parenting skills or something - but I swear it just a natural born thing.

Aubrey has so many loves and interests.  She loves dance, princesses, and all things "fancy" - but at the same time loves things like Star Wars and sports.  She says she wants to be a hockey player when she's bigger. :)  

One thing I love about her is she is a total homebody. (So my child.)  She prefers playing at home even over playing at the park. Sometimes I'll ask what she wants to do for the day, and she almost always says, "Let's just hang out at home today."  I'm so thankful that she feels content & happy in the walls of her home.

She can be so silly - especially when her and her little sis are together.  They constantly will put on "talent" shows for me in front of the fireplace.  She'll get dressed up in the most ridiculous dress up outfits/props & dance her little heart out. 

Aubrey loves church & going to Primary.  It's amazing watching her learn so much about the gospel.  She always wants to say dinner & family prayers.  I caught her 
the other night helping Kate say her prayers in bed & it melted me to the core!  The other week Aubrey was asked to give a talk in Primary, and she just had given one the month before.  Steve said, "Wow, you're going to give another one already?" and she just shrugged and said without skipping a beat, "I guess they just like to hear my pretty voice!" Ha! Did I mention she is super humble?

Just in the past couple of months, Aubrey has really taken a liking to her mama.  After her being a total daddy's girl the past couple years - her mama is pretty thrilled!  We have such a special thing right now & I hope it lasts forever.  She loves helping cook dinner with me at night, she'll ask to cuddle me when she's sad or not feeling well, & constantly asks to do "girl stuff" with me like paint nails or make necklaces. 
While she loves doing certain things with me, she just loves her daddy so so much too and prefers doing certain things with him.  She'll play video games with him, gab about Star Wars, & play catch in the yard.  I joke that she is the son that he'll never have. ;) 

Happy Birthday, Aubrey girl!  I'm forever grateful I get to be your mama.

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