Friday, March 11, 2016

Aubrey's Princess Party!

Last weekend Aubrey had her 5th birthday party.  She originally requested a Jasmine party, but we soon discovered they don't really make "Jasmine" party stuff - apparently she is getting kind of old in princess world since Elsa, Anna, & Rapunzel have showed up.  After letting her know the bad news, she was very open to the idea of a general Disney princess party - she loves them all! I got her a Jasmine costume & that was enough to fulfill her dreams of Agrabah.  Isn't she the cutest little (caucasian) Jasmine you've ever seen?

My plan was to do a SUPER simple party and just rent a bounce house, order some pizzas, and have the kids just play, eat, have cake, and go home.  But of course we are in the middle of El Nino weather here and I saw it was going to be stormy on the day of the party.  I thought about rescheduling, but then saw the next weekend was supposed to be rainy as well.  I decided at the last minute to hire a princess to come to the party and basically host it.  BEST idea ever!  We kept it a secret from Aubrey & she was so surprised & excited when she showed up.  The princess hosted the whole party & did story time, singing, dancing, & face painting.  She made Aubrey feel very special & I really think she thought it was the greatest day ever!

I got these princess favor bags off Etsy for each girl along with a crown.  The detail in the bags was so adorable!  Aubrey and Kate loved filling them up with little goodies for their friends and were so excited to give them out.

While grocery shopping with the girls one day at SaveMart Aubrey saw this Rapunzel cake in the bakery window & about died.  She LOVED it so I had to get it for her party.  

I also ordered these cupcake toppers off Etsy and had the bakery match the frosting colors to the princess dresses.  I think they turned out super cute!

I made this tutu table skirt a couple nights before the party.  It took FOREVER but Aubrey loved it.

We brought the girls' dress up stuff downstairs so all the little girls could dress up if they wanted to.  

Our five year old!  This is her new signature pose.  We think she is pretty fabulous.

My three princesses.

The little merbabe.

Princess Rapunzel arrived!  

So magical.

But seriously - can Rapunzel come to my 27th birthday party?!

And just like that - she is five!  Seeing her so mesmerized by the princess almost made me teary eyed.   I know soon she won't be so excited by princesses, dressing up, & fairy tales - in fact this may be the last year she is into all of it.  I love her sweet innocence and hope she clings to it as long as possible.  

You sure are special, Aubrey Jane!  I hope your birthday weekend was as magical as you are.

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  1. Lisa you have the most beautiful party ideas. Your girls are so blessed! Jodie