Wednesday, March 30, 2016

easter '16.

This year's Easter holiday was a good one.  It snuck up on me QUICKLY this year (but I feel like I've said that about every holiday since having Ella!).

Early in the week the moms in our ward had an Easter egg hunt for the kids.  The kids had so much fun and make out like bandits of course.  (We are loving our new ward by the way!  Even though it's been six months, still feels pretty new anyways...)  Aubrey was pretty excited to score some Star Wars fruit snacks in some eggs!  She's still obsessed.  

On the Saturday before Easter we did a few fun things at home like make bunny pancakes & decorated Easter eggs.  The girls chose the tie-dye sparkle kit of course - it was just as messy as it sounds. :)

^ It might look like the saddest un-Pinterest worthy bunny pancake of all time, but it sure brought smiles to my girls faces!  But seriously they are going to look at this and laugh at me one day.

We spent Easter Sunday opening Easter baskets early in the morning, (8:30 church is a killer!) going to church, & later on family came over.  

I got to host Easter dinner this year, which was a first for me & an exciting one because we actually got to put our formal dining room to good use.  Steve originally wanted to put a pool table in this room but I convinced him that we "needed" a formal dining room. ;) 

Ella's first Easter was definitely a hit!  I felt especially blessed this Easter with her added sweetness to our family.  I love this holiday so much.  I'm grateful for our Savior's sacrifice, life & resurrection so that I can be with MY family forever.  Such a wonderful gift for us all.

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