Wednesday, March 30, 2016



Five year old Aubrey is so much fun.  I love how she is interested in so many things.  Her latest hobby is everything BUGS!  She got a bug collecting kit for Easter and has spent countless hours since in the backyard collecting all sorts of critters.  She is like the ladybug whisperer & they gravitate towards her!  
She also recently has learned to add simple numbers together and loves being quizzed.  Maybe we have a future mathlete on our hands! 


Oh Kate.  Or Kater Tot as she has requested we call her now.  Kate is definitely our most mischievous kiddo, (don't tell her) but also our funniest. (Don't tell Aubs) She has a meltdown almost every single day when it's time to get dressed.  I set out the girls' outfits on their dressers the night before to save time in the mornings, & if there are pants set out for her to wear, she is NOT a happy camper.  "THOSE ARE BOYS PANTS!  I WANT TO WEAR A DRESS!  PANTS ARE FOR BOYS!" I don't know where she got this logic from, but she is very sure that girls must not wear pants.  On days we don't leave the house, she'll take off her pants the second I'm not looking and insist her shirt is a dress.  I know I will laugh at this phase someday.  RIGHT?!
Kate is still Ella's biggest fan.  I thought the new baby novelty would have worn off by now, but man does she love her baby sister.  It's truly heart melting.  I remember being a bit sad they weren't going to be super close in age like her and Aubrey are, but it hasn't seemed to matter one bit.  I have a feeling they are going to be great friends one day.  


I won't say too much about this little dream bug since her six month post will be up next week.  

We ended up starting solids last week - I had hopes it would help her sleep through the night - aaaand it didn't work.  BUT she has loved food so far - especially fruit of course.  So far I have made her apples, bananas, avocado, squash, & pears.  She was pretty indifferent about avocado, but can't get enough of everything else.  The girls got to help feed her the first time & loved every second.  It's so fun introducing such a great part of life with her - FOOD! 
 She has discovered looking at herself in the mirror & she is VERY fond of herself.  I can leave her there for about ten minutes sometimes and she will just coo and smile at herself.  It's so narcissistic and hilarious. 
She plays with her little feet ALL day long.  
Man do we love her!!

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  1. ridiculously beautiful children!