Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Ella Rose - SIX month update!

Sweet baby Ella is six months old today.

We finally decided to start solids a couple of weeks ago - we were hoping it would help her sleep through the night, but it didn't work.  However, she LOVES her food!  I've just been steaming and pureeing simple fruits and veggies in my Beaba & she has loved everything so far.  Green beans, apples, pears, bananas, avocado - she gobbles it all up.  I LOVE feeding her and the girls love to help.

Speaking of sleep, she is not doing so great these days.  She gets up a couple of times a night to eat (sometimes three times!) but thankfully it's just a quick snack and she goes back to sleep.

Still no chompers, but I think we are definitely teething now - she is constantly chewing on her hands and anything else she can get a hold of.  She hasn't seemed to be very fussy or uncomfortable though - so that's a plus!

After losing almost all her hair at 4-5 months, she is growing back lots of new fuzzy locks!

She still is not sitting up or scooting yet.  Very okay with this mama - she can stay my little non-mobile baby as long as she wants!!

Very consistent with naps now - a morning, afternoon, and a cat nap in the late afternoon/early evening.  She is usually out for the night around 7-7:30.

She is a little addicted to her mama.  If someone else is holding her, she's always looking around for me.  I kinda love it. :)  If she's the slightest bit hungry and I'm holding her, she will tug on my shirt and start giving me hickeys.  It's so funny to watch that little piggy!

She seems to have a very calm, sweet disposition.  She is definitely still my easiest baby by far.

She wears 3-6 month clothes, just graduated to size two diapers, & still rocking her size one shoes.  It's strange having such a tiny baby!  People constantly think she's younger.

She is starting to really love her toys.  Her sisters are ALWAYS bringing her stuff.  I'm a little afraid she is going to be spoiled with how much attention she gets all the time.  She is never left alone & is always being entertained.  We are all just so smitten by her cuteness!

When she wakes up in the morning and from naps, she just plays on her back in her crib and squeals. Going to get her after she wakes up is my favorite - she is just SO happy to see us!

Recently graduated to riding in the stroller big girl style - she loves going on walks in the afternoon with her sisters and I.

Basically, we are just loving every second with this sweet baby.  I was so nervous when I was pregnant with her that I wasn't going to be able to cuddle & play with her as much as I wanted since I had two other little girls to take care of -- but that has been no problem!  Whatever I'm doing, she's always right there & I just love it.  When the girls are entertaining themselves, I'm always sneaking off to snuggle & play with her & I love our "us" time.  It also helps that she nurses every two hours still & prefers to do that alone in the rocking chair so she doesn't get distracted.

You are the light of our lives, Ella girl!  Stop growing up so fast, please!  

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