Saturday, May 14, 2016

santa cruz 2016.

We had our first trip as a family of five the other week and it was just what we needed.  We had planned on going for my birthday weekend, but it ended up raining in Santa Cruz so we decided to wait a few more weeks.  It was well worth the wait because we got some beautiful weather while we were there.

It was a super short two day trip but we jam packed lots of fun into it.  We drove up Sunday morning and our first stop was the Roaring Railroad Steam Train.  We've done it once when Aubrey was 2 and Kate was a baby, but they couldn't remember it so it was brand new for them.  Lots of fun and such beautiful scenery.

After a quick lunch and check in at our hotel, we headed straight to the beach.  It had been about a year since our last trip (that's a long time for this beach loving family) and the girls had been talking about it for weeks.  The girls LOVED it so much - I just loved watching them running away from the waves, and not caring how freezing the water was.  To be a kid again!  

And being this was Bubb's first beach can imagine how many pictures I took of her.  I had to hurry though since it was super sunny and didn't want the sun beating down on her skin for too long.  

I could just eat her up in that suit!!

The next morning we had some time to kill before the Boardwalk opened so we took a stroll by the Lighthouse.  Loved this shot of Aubrey and her Daddy.  He is her hero.

It was Monday so most of the Boardwalk rides were closed, or the girls weren't tall enough, but they rode this car ride over and over and LOVED it!  

Well, we survived our first trip as a family of five.  It's funny, because every time we have a new baby  I always assume that we'll never be able to travel or do much of anything anymore because of the added work it takes - but it really is never as bad as I think it will be.   I'm glad we haven't let having kids slow us down too much because we really do love to travel with them, even with the extra work it takes.  We love making memories with our kids while they are so little and I hope they can remember these fun times.  I know I will!

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