Wednesday, July 13, 2016

4th of July!

Our fourth was full of Summer fun - parades, swimming, BBQ, & fireworks!  

I'm always thankful to get to raise these girls in the best country ever.  

I was cracking up at how hard they had to concentrate to clink their sodas together.  No soda for these two, but they did get some grape juice so I wasn't a COMPLETELY mean mom.  To be honest, I can't  even drink regular coke.  I think diet tastes way better?  

I can't even handle Kate's sass.  (Like seriously.  Some days I don't think I can handle it!)

A few photos from our day..

Ella LOVES the water.  It was pretty cold (as far as I'm concerned, but I'm kind of a baby with water temperatures) 

Cousins + swimming = Aubrey & Kate's heaven!  Aubrey jumps in to the pool each time yelling "COTTONBALL!" instead of cannonball.  So cute!

My cute parents.

Realizing these photos are out of order but oh well.  Ella gave zero craps about sparklers and fireworks.  She was SOOO tired and stared blankly at it all. 

Roseville parade!  We started this tradition with our little family a few years back and it's something the girls look forward to.  Parades make me feel so festive!

They got so into it!

Happy Belated 4th of July!  God bless the USA!!


  1. I love all the matching outfits! I agree diet coke just tastes so much better. Beautiful photos.

  2. HI! I'm Jamie. Was just browsing blogs and came across yours. I absolutely love the girls outfits and your matching shoes are adorable! I literally laughed out loud when I read that your little one says "COTTONBALL!" instead of "cannonball!!" haha so funny. Check out my blog if you'd like!

    Have a great day:)