Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Dance Spectacular 2016!

The girls had their Summer dance show last weekend and both did so great!  I was so proud of how hard they have worked all year on their dances.  As always, I took some studio shots of the girls in their dance gets ups a couple days before the show.  The ones they take at the dance studio never turn out very well - however I may be just a tad bit picky.  Ya know, just a little. ;)

Aubrey surprised me and was so animated and adorable up on stage!  She was smiling and hamming it up like crazy - WAY more than I've seen her do in rehearsals.  It was so fun to watch her really come alive up there!  She let me get one whole picture of her and then she was off.  She's not a huge fan of pictures lately, so I try not to force it.  But on dance day, it's not really an option. :)

Kate, however, loves pictures!  I have no idea when she got so old looking and beautiful.  Time is such a thief.  Kate also did such a great job at her dance and smiled her biggest, best smile her entire dance.  She's moving up to tap/ballet combo next season and is so excited!

It's so fun watching these two be involved in something they love & witness them getting better and better.  

Right before the show!

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