Friday, July 8, 2016

Ella Rose - 9 Months!

Can you tell these pictures were thrown together in about five minutes?  Hence the 9 looking like a G and flowers placed not so carefully?  Oh well.  At least I got it done!!

Ella is NINE months old this week.  This month has been the fastest month yet, with going to Hawaii, Tahoe, photography sessions, and just raising three littles in general.  I swear I just did her 8 month post a few days ago, but apparently it's been a whole month.  Jeez!

Ella continues to be the best little baby.  Her content personality and sweet nature makes me so grateful!  I can't imagine having our third baby be a handful.  

She is taking two consistent naps a day - one at 9, and the other around 1.  She goes to bed pretty early around 7, gets up once to eat a quick snack in the middle of the night somewhere, and back to sleep until 7.  

She is eating more and more table food and less and less baby food.  She has yet to not like anything -  but she LOVES holding an apple and going to town on it.  She also loves water.  I've tried to eliminate one nursing session a day but she just wasn't having it.  She wants to nurse before and after each nap, and then first thing in the morning and last thing at night.  I love my little "breaks" with her.  

She is getting quicker and quicker with her army crawling.  She still can't crawl on her hands and knees yet or pull up to a stand.  She's our little slowpoke in the milestone department.  She's in no hurry to grow up!  I'm hoping she'll hold out on walking too.  

Ella's hair continues to get fluffier and fluffier - sticking straight up always.  I love it.

She'll give us kisses on demand now - for Steve she bends her head down to get a "forehead kiss" - it's funny how she knows Daddy doesn't do the slobbery kisses.  It's okay though - I'll take 'em!  

Loves Patty Cake and giggles so much on the "Mark it with a B" part as I tickle her hand.  She thinks it's so hilarious.

She takes baths in the big tub now - sometimes I'll throw her in there with the big sisters, which they all LOVE.

Fitting well into her 6-9 month clothes, size 3 diapers, & I don't really know about shoes - she barely ever wears them.  I like those cute toes exposed!

She is the sweetest little love right before going down for a nap, after nursing her I'll just rock her and she'll look up at me, blink slowly, and stare at me, smiling here and there until her eyes become heavy.  They are my favorite moments with her.  How I'll miss this season of babies when it's gone!

I left her for 3 and a half whole hours on the day the girls had their dance recital.  It was the longest we had ever been apart.  She ended up doing just fine and even took a bottle of my milk when I was gone.  I was so proud!

I feel like this month flew by, and it scares me because I know that first birthday is right around the corner.  I love that baby so much - she is my dream come true!

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