Thursday, August 11, 2016

Ella is 10 Months!

Ahh, double digits today!  I'll skip the emotional "time is going by too fast" speech, because we all already know how I feel about that. (Sob!)  Ella is changing so much lately - especially just the past couple weeks. At ten months old...

She has sprouted her two front teeth.  They have a nice sized gap in between them, just like Aubrey had. :)  (As if she didn't look enough like her big sister, even her teeth are growing in like hers did!)

This baby is a CHOW HOUND.  She has never NOT liked anything we've given her.  She's also never DONE eating.  She usually has pieces of whatever we are eating for breakfast and dinner, and baby food as well.  She also always tries to grab her spoon and is a complete mess after each meal.

Has started babbling "Mamamama" - but of course only when she's whining.  Not ideal - but I'll take it!  She still says "Dadada" all day long, too.

She is becoming more and more mobile.  She still isn't crawling on her hands on knees, but she finally pulled up to a stand by herself the other day!  Not cruising along furniture yet, but I'm sure by next month she will be.

Still on her two naps a day schedule.  She gets up once or twice a night to nurse (eye roll), but it's only five minutes so I know it could be worse.  Plus I'm a spoiled mama and Steve goes and gets her for me and changes her diaper.

She loves music and bounces a little when a good song is on.  She also LOVES the piano, and will set there and bang on the keys for as long as I'll let her.  Perhaps we have a future Elton John on our hands.

She loves the dogs at my mom's house and if you say "Doggy?!" really loudly to her she'll say "Woo! Woo! Woo" Her version of "woof". :)

Still nursing all the live long day.  She has no interest in cutting feedings whatsoever!

If you say "Bababa" to her she'll put her mouth on her hand and make a "baba" noise right back.  Hard to explain but it's really cute!

She weighs 18 lbs & I forget her height.  I just remember the DR saying she was tall and on the light side.

Still rocking size 3 diapers & wearing 9-12 month clothes now.

She is starting to point at things.  She always gets a hoot out of waving at herself. :)

She is starting to be more playful with her big sisters.  She'll give them kisses, climb all over them, and giggle the loudest with them.  It's the BEST to watch.

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