Tuesday, September 20, 2016


We left a day early for our Disney trip so we could spend some time in the Santa Monica/Beverly Hills area.  We had never been there before, so we picked a few "must do" activities to start off our weekend away. 

We got to Santa Monica right before sunset so the girls hopped into their suits and ran to the beach across the street from our hotel.  Our hotel had boogie boards for them to use so they got to experience that for the first time.  They didn't mind the cold water one bit!

And let's face it.  Ella was just in her suit because she looks dang cute in it.  (Last time it was worn by chubby 5 month old Aubrey in Oahu!)

I've heard so much about Shake Shack and was so excited to find out they have a location in Santa Monica.  It did NOT disappoint.  The burger and crinkle fries were AMAZING!  

Later we checked out the Sprinkles cupcake ATM...

And walked through Rodeo Drive.  Honestly we had never heard of half the designer stores and aren't really into fancy name brand stuff.. but at least Ella felt like she fit in there. ;)

Aunt Hailey has returned from her mission! (a month ago) Ella has taken to her already. :)

While we wait for her big sisters to go on the rides she can't go on yet, we have photoshoots. :)   I really wanted to take this shot in front of the castle, but there are just too many people around!

I barely took any pictures our second day, but I'm glad I took this shot. 

So the craziest/most random part of our day was when Ella was being doted on by this lady behind us in line for Small World.  They were waving back at each other and I just figured it was just another person Ella was winning over.  I later realized people were taking pictures of this lady (who I barely even looked at before) and she had a bodyguard with her.  Turns out it was Kris Jenner!  I almost feel bad this didn't happen to someone else that is actually a fan of her.  I know a lot of people that would have been SO excited to even be breathing the same air as her! Lol!

Our little Princess Leia.  We tried to sign her up for the Jedi Training that they do at Disneyland, but we were just a few people in line too late!  I felt bad we didn't get there quick enough but she didn't mind.  She got to meet some Star Wars characters so that made her day!

And this chick.  She was just happy to be able to prance around Disney in her purple tutu and sparkle tennis shoes.  Love her and all the sass that comes with her, too. :)  She was finally tall enough to go on Splash Mountain, Thunder Mountain, Tower of Terror, and some other rides she's never been able to ride before.  She LOVED Thunder Mountain but cried on the other two.  I felt a little bad that they scared her so much, hopefully she forgets about them before our next trip!

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  1. Beautiful photos from your trip! My husband and I honeymooned in California in August. We LOVED Santa Monica and would love to return. Shake Shack was my favourite burger of the whole trip (and we tried a lot!) x