Thursday, September 15, 2016

Ella is 11 Months!

I don't think I've ever been this late for a "monthly" post for one of my kiddos.  Ive always been a bit of an overachiever at this sort of thing - but I find myself blogging less and less.  To be honest, Instagram is kind of taking over my blogging ambition.  I don't really read blogs anymore, except maybe two.  Does anyone else out there still read blogs?  I'm determined to keep at it just for documenting family trips and kid's milestones, and I also really like getting them printed into books each year.  Anyways!

My baby is 11 months.  She is so big and cute I can hardly stand it!

It is getting so hard to take her monthly flower photos!  Getting a wiggly baby to lay down and smile next to a tempting pile of carefully placed flowers is nearly impossible.  Good thing I only have one left to do!

Just in the past couple of weeks, Ella has discovered her tongue and it's constantly hanging out of her mouth.  She looks just like Dopey.  Or Miley Cyrus.

She loves music and dancing so much.  It makes her day if you hand her your phone while it plays music.  She will wave the phone around and smile and dance.

Another month has passed and she still has yet to turn down any kind of food.  She loves it all!

Still wearing size 3 diapers & 9-12 month clothes.

Crawls on hands and knees now - but still rocks her "army crawl" at times.

Starting to get a little more mischievous - today I caught her playing in the toilet - right after Kate had tinkled and hadn't flushed the toilet yet.  Nice!

Gives CLOSED mouth kisses now.  Kind of sad about that one!

Will sit in your lap as long as you keep reading books.  She loves them.

Still wakes up once a night for a quick snack.  She will stand up in her crib and yell "Mama! Mamama!" and babble it until she gets to eat. Every once in a while she will spoil us and sleep through the night, but not too often.

She is the sweetest little love.  She will lay her head on my chest randomly and let me cuddle her whenever I want.  I think it's her own way of saying "I love you, Mama!"

Loves when Daddy gets on his hands and knees and chases her.  She will crawl so fast and laugh harder than ever.

Have I mentioned she will eat EVERYTHING?

She will be one in a matter of weeks, but I've yet to get emotional about it.  So unlike me!  She just seems like such a baby still, so it doesn't seem real quite yet.  Don't worry - give me another month and I'm sure I'll be posting my usual sob story ;)


  1. I still read blogs and love yours. So please don't stop! xxx

  2. I am also still reading blogs, it just allows a different kind of communication compared to Instagram. I also like Instagram though ;)