Sunday, October 9, 2016

ella's rose party.

I kind of dropped the ball on throwing Ella a "big" party for her first birthday, but I managed to throw together a small family one in the knick of time.  She got to eat another cake so she didn't mind too much about it being small. ;).  I did a rose theme - yes I'm in love with her middle name, okay? - mostly with last minute decor ordered from Amazon Prime.  All together I think it turned out pretty cute, and she was surrounded by all the people that love her most on her special day.  We love that baby so so much!

Baby girl's one year deets!

Those flower pictures were time consuming, but I'm glad I stuck it through to the end.  I plan on hanging this in Ella's room (well, I plan on having STEVE hang it up in Ella's room.)

We just ordered some pizzas, made a big ol salad and had lemonade for the party.  Aren't those floral straws darling?  Amazon Prime is the best.

Those cute plates are paper!  I almost wanted to wash and re-use them they were so pretty.  And those scallop napkins!  Love em'!

Last minute grocery store cakes.  Not the most beautiful in the world, but tasted great!  

So my mom is amazingly crafty and can make just about anything (sadly I did not inherit this from her).  She whipped this floral swag up for me and it turned out so beautiful!  I plan on hanging it in Ella's room somewhere.  Pictures don't even do it justice.  

The birthday girl!!  

Love this sweet, snuggly girl.  

She has a special place in her heart for Papa.  He just so happens to have a special place in his heart for her, too!  Love this picture of them.

Spoiled!  Lots of new books and toys. 

Loved celebrating our baby girl!!  

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  1. Her party looks absolutely elegant and beautiful. You did a great job and I feel inspired now. ;)