Thursday, October 6, 2016

happy birthday, ella rose!

My precious Ella girl,

Today you turn one year old.  It's a bit hard to wrap my head around that sentence, but it's true!  October 6th, 2015 was one of the very best days of my (and daddy's!) life.  

We wanted you so, SO badly, and said many prayers that you would join our little family someday.  And then you came, and you were PERFECT!  You have been the best baby we could have ever hoped for or dreamed up.  Are parents allowed to have favorite babies?  (Not favorite KIDS, Aubs and Kate, no worries.)  But honestly, you truly have been nothing but a joy your first year.  I've probably embarrassed myself numerous times the past 12 months talking about how good of a baby you are.  Your daddy and I were talking the other day, and we can't really remember you ever crying longer than a few minutes!  

You have brought so much love and happiness in our home, and even to others.  I can't tell you how many people have said you have made their day by your smile and wave.  (Even strangers at the grocery store!)  You are truly special, and loved beyond measure.

When you were a newborn, I remember being painfully aware of how fast time was going, (I only had to take a look at your big sisters to remind me of that!) but one tender mercy that I'm so thankful for this past year is that you were NOT in a hurry to grow up.  You were tinier than your sisters were, and were also slower to hit milestones. It made me feel like I got to hold on to that baby stage a little bit longer.  In fact, you are my first baby to not be walking on their first birthday!  (Daddy says you are lazy.)

We love everything about your sweet, happy, & easy going personality.  We are so excited to celebrate you today.  Love you so much, Bubbs!


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