Saturday, November 26, 2016

5 things i love

5 things I love about each of my girls.

1)  She is a friend to everyone.  We had a parent teacher conference the other week for Aubrey and her teacher had nothing but wonderful things to say.  But my most favorite is that she said Aubrey is a friend to everyone.  So proud!
2) She loves so many different things.  Star Wars, Superheroes, and just recently Harry Potter.  Steve gets her into all these movies and it's kind of "their thing" to watch them and get excited about them together.  
3) Her facial expressions - she's so animated and cracks us up daily.  Hearing her tell me stories of things that happen at school is the best!
4) She is smart as a whip and learning SO much!  She loves Kindergarten like crazy.  I love getting all the work she brings home and seeing her progress.
5) She's just an all around good girl!  We couldn't have asked for a better behaved, sweeter little girl to lead her pack of sisters. :)

1) Oh Katester!  Well first off, she has been such a champ ever since Aubrey started school in August.  She loves all the new mommy alone time she gets with her gone all day, but as soon as its Kindergarten pick up time - I'm as good as gone.  We do miss Aubs, but it really is nice getting to spend so much time with her with no distractions - well, besides baby sister. 
2) I know I have mentioned how much Kate loves Ella on here.  But it's just the sweetest thing to not mention again!  She constantly plays with her, loves to help me out feeding/"babysitting" her, and is just the best big sis.
3) Kate loves coloring, and sometimes when Ella takes her nap I'll get her jumbo size coloring book out and color with her for a long time.  She's really good at staying in the lines.  She is our little artist and I love when I'm lucky enough to get one of her sought after drawings. :)
4) She has taught herself so much.  I feel guilty sometimes because I worked with Aubrey a lot more with "preschool" stuff, but with a baby and school aged kid, it's hard to find the time that I had before. I've never once taught Kate how to write a letter, and somehow she has taught herself several!  Her handwriting isn't bad, either.  I'll never forget one night we were at dinner and she had crayons and a kid menu, we look over and she writes her name perfectly.  We never taught her and still have no idea how she learned.  
5) Kate is so fun.  She goes to a park and instantly makes friends.  She is the life of the party always and constantly makes us laugh with her cute, hilarious personality!

1) Baby Ella. Sweet, sweet, sweet!  There is just no better word to describe her.  She spends her days smothering us all in kisses, hugs, and just being a doll baby.  
2) She LOVES being on the bed/couches.  She turns into this whole new baby and and falls backwards, crawls all over and is a little daredevil.  It's kind of pain to watch her on there so she doesn't fall off but she's just so happy and cute it's worth it!
3) Whenever she is doing something she knows is naughty (like go in the bathrooms or play with the shutters), she stops and waves her finger saying, "No no no no!" with a big smile.  Except is sounds like "Dough dough dough dough!" 
4) She's a mama's girl.  Sure, it may be because I naturally provide her favorite snack (yeeep still a dairy cow over here) but I love being her sidekick.  I know we only have weeks left of nursing most likely (more like months if we're being realistic) and I'll miss it one day. 
5) She is such a piggy.  She still to this day has eaten everything that has ever been put in front of her.  So unlike Aubrey and Kate were!  I have no idea how she isn't my chunkiest kid.  Her love for food is real!

Feeling so grateful lately for my healthy, beautiful growing girls.  I love them so much and each of their unique personalities.  Being a mom doest come without challenges, but I know I'll look back on these days as the best of my life.