Tuesday, November 1, 2016

flower girls!

Last Friday my best friend from high school got married! Aubrey and Kate were lucky enough to be flower girls in the wedding party, they were so excited and honored.  Everything was perfect, and not even a little rain could ruin a thing on their big day.  I really didn't take too many pictures - it was pretty dim lit in the venue and I didn't have a flash - but I did snap a few of the girls before all the wedding fun started!

They were so done with taking pictures at this point - I just told them to do what they wanted for this one! Haha!

Seriously the most gorgeous bride!!

They did a great job with their flower girl duties - even though during the ceremony Kate decided to keep kissing Aubrey and then tried catching raindrops with her tongue.  It was pretty hilarious - but here's to hoping no one noticed but me!

(Darkest, grainiest picture ever but glad we took one anyway!) 

So happy for my beautiful friend!  Nikki and I have been in such different stages of life since high school - I was popping out babies every couple years and stayed busy raising them while she went to nursing school and became an amazing nurse.  So thankful we have kept in touch and stayed friends throughout the past decade.  She is truly one of a kind and I'm so happy she found her Prince Charming!!

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