Tuesday, November 1, 2016

halloween 2016

This Halloween was one for the books.  We had lots of festive fun jam packed into the last few days - so much fun, but I won't pretend I'm a little relieved it's all over!  The girls wanted to be superheroes this year, so Steve and I jumped in on the theme (although Catwoman is a villain apparently) ;)

They aren't always this cooperative for pictures, but when I tell them to do "SUPER HERO POSES!" they are all about it!

I told her to look fierce and strong!  And she nailed it here. :)

And then immediately turned back into her goofball self. Love her!

Kate nailed her "fierce" look too!  

Work it, Katester girl!

Catwoman and her kitty!

She's made me a cat person.  I could die from her cuteness!

On Saturday night our neighborhood had a block party thanks to some awesome neighbors that organized it - the girls had fun running and playing with lots of friends - old and new!  

Yesterday Aubrey had her costume parade at school - Kate joined right in at the end!  I don't think any teachers even noticed. Ha! (I have no pictures from it, just videos I took.)

Before I had kids I had no idea how much work Halloween is for moms.  The girls had four separate Halloween parties/events that they got ready for!  Getting kids ready into their costumes with all the bazillion accessories, and makeup, and hair, and headbands, and tights, and shoes, and nails painted, and etc. etc. etc. is exhausting!  But after all the work of making all the behind the scenes magic happen....their magic happens.  When they trick or treat the night away running from house to house giggling along the way, playing with their cousins, letting them have just one more piece of candy, and watching them sort out all their candy like I used to do as a kid.  Watching all this and suddenly all the hustle and bustle is worth it, because their magic = my magic.

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