Friday, December 9, 2016

My 5K & a real Mommy moment.

About 7 weeks before Thanksgiving I decided on a whim I wanted to run the 5k Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning.  I borrowed my mom's treadmill and trained three times a week.  I used the "Couch to 5K" training program and am a TOTAL believer in it.  It starts you off with very minimal running and then slowly progresses so you never feel overwhelmed.  I felt so proud after every single workout.  I've NEVER been one to love exercising.  I'm definitely the girl that walked the mile run in high school.  But running felt good, and gave me a natural high that I hadn't experienced before - I finally knew what those endorphins were that I always heard people talk about.  On nice days, Steve and I would take the girls to the park and run on the paved walkway around it with Ella in the jogging stroller.  I LOVED running with Steve and having him there to motivate me.

The day of the race came and my goal was just to run at whatever pace, as long as I didn't walk.  I finished with a better time than I ever had and was so proud!  My mom made this cute sign for the girls to hold for me as I crossed the finish line.  I won't lie - it may have only been 3.2 miles (which is like a baby race to some) but I almost cried running through it.

I couldn't have done it without my little girls coming into my room and cheering me on while I ran on the treadmill all those weeks. ;)

My dad sent me this photo he took from before the race (he always takes a ton of candid shots and other pictures no one else would think to take, and I'm so thankful for that!) of Kate having a hard time.  I had no idea he took it and I loved seeing such a REAL snapshot of motherhood.  I have so many pretty pictures of happy little moments of the kids, but this right here - happens way more often than you'd think. ;) 

I've taken a little break from running but am planning to start back up soon and train for a 10K this time! 

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