Thursday, January 5, 2017

four years with kate brielle.

Today our sweet Kater Tot turns four years old!  She is so much fun.  Truly the "life of the party" always - we are so lucky she is ours!! The past few days whenever we have told her no about anything she will say, "But I'm the birthday gull!" She has seriously won herself some extra pieces of candy because of that line.

Some things about Kate at age four: Hilarious.  Cutest little voice.  Bossy.  Cute and she knows it.  As girly as they come.  Constantly in a princess dress.  If she's not in a dress and she gets to choose, she always puts on her donut tank top with random black and white polka dot pants.  I always ask "Does that match Kate?" and she says "Yep!  They both have white on them!"  

She thinks the biggest insult you can give a person is saying, "Your favorite color is BROWN! HAHAHA!"  She constantly tells this to Steve.  

Kate loves play doh, coloring, makeup, dressing up, the Just Dance video game, playing with her sisters, picking up Aubrey from school, baking with mom, chewy bars, going anywhere there are kids, and all things "fancy".  I can get her to do almost anything if I talk it up like it's real fancy "Kate!  Did you know Princess Aurora keeps her playroom clean??  Put on your crown and put those stuffed animals away!" Whatever works. 

Aubrey was a total daddy's girl at this age, but Kate is all about mom.  We are together 24/7 and I honestly love it.  She's the best helper, and loves to play with my hair and rub my feet with lotion.  What more could I want in a sidekick? ;)

Kate walks into a park and immediately best friends with all the kids there.  She is inclusive of everyone.  She might boss them around a bit - but she won't leave one person out of the fun!

She looks up to her big sis and adores her little sis.  She is such a good middle child.  It's not always easy for her watching Aubrey get to do all these fun, new things in kindergarten, go to birthday parties she's not invited to, etc. but she takes it all pretty well.  

Last night at the mall we walked by a large man with long curly black hair and Kate whispered (not so quietly) to Aubrey, "He looks like Moana!" and they giggled and giggled.  I felt I should discipline her somehow, but she was kind of right... and at least she tried to whisper!  I used one of my favorite parenting methods of pretending you didn't hear in awkward situations.  Works like a charm!

Still the pickiest eater in all the land.  If you ever wondered if kids can survive only on cereal, peanut butter and honey sandwiches, chicken nuggets, quesadillas, and fruit - no worries.  They totally can!  (I promise we sneak veggies in her sometimes, Mom..) I remember my smug pre children days when I swore I would have kids that ate organic meals with vegetables galore and they would just LOVE every bite.  Oh you silly fool, pre children Lisa.  You also thought your kids would never watch tv.  Lololol.  I have white-flour cracker eating, Disney movie watching girls and I'm pretty sure they are happier because of it. ;)

Kate can brighten just about anyone's day.  She truly has the best sense of humor and it's nearly impossible to be in a bad mood around her.  She fills up our home with sunshine and has since the day she was born.  We just LOVE her!

I had to post at least one outtake.  Heaven knows there's about 100 more of these kind of shots in the mix!

Happy birthday, beautiful girl.  You sure make our world a fun, happy place!


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