Tuesday, February 7, 2017

quick monterey getaway for steve's 30th

Back in the beginning of January Steve and I took our first sans-Ella trip together alone.  It was mainly to celebrate Steve turning 30 (which he did on the 10th) but also it had just been a while since we took a solo trip, at least for us.  Ella finished nursing just in time for us to go.  It rained nearly the whole trip, minus Saturday, but we still had the best time.

On Friday we went to dinner and to the Warriors game.  Steve's boss is a season ticket holder and generously let us use his 5th row tickets.  Steve was in heaven, and I was in heaven watching him being heaven. :) The game was SO fun - we sat right on the side of the tunnel and got to high five players coming out of it. So cool!

The next day we walked the pier and rented a cart and rode along the beach.  It stayed sunny most of Saturday thankfully so we could enjoy Monterey's beauty!

Our last day we got massages, visited Pebble Beach golf course, and came home that night.  We were anxious (ok, I was anxious) to see our babies!  We had a great trip and loved getting away together.  

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