Wednesday, March 8, 2017

aubrey is SIX!

Aubrey turned six last weekend - a little mind boggling, but I have to admit this is the least emotional I've ever been about one of my kids getting older.  She it turning out to be such an amazing little girl, and I'm only excited for whats to come.

Aubrey is incredibly sweet & kind.  She lost her very first tooth last Friday (!!!) and when the tooth fairy brought her three whole dollars, she was so excited to share a dollar with each of her sisters.  I mean, who is this kid?!  

Aubrey is doing great at school and is so smart!  Her teacher says she is a friend to everyone and loves to help people.  She absolutely loves school but I miss her a lot still. I know some parents feel a relief when they drop their kid off for school, but honestly it's a relief picking her up!  Her presence in our home makes things feel complete.

Words can't even describe how much I love this girl.  I can remember so well blogging about her monthly baby milestones and its hard to believe I'm here six years later.  Aubrey's sensitive, caring, and adorable personality makes me proud every single day!


  1. Hey! Shweta from India if you remember me. Happy birthday to Aubrey and i hope loads of blessings and miracles flow her way always. Well i cant believe i have been reading your blog for 6 years! I discovered your blog when you were a brand new first time mom! Happy 6 to you to mama

  2. Beautiful! Happy day to you both :)

  3. Aubrey looks like an angel from the highest sky..i can foresee she ll become as beautiful as the Holy Maria (you)..very nice post. Enjoy this for some beauty in the inside

  4. blasphemous a bit but i agree. Beautiful daughter & mamma!

  5. Happy birthday to her! Layls turns 6 in May. So hard to believe. ::tear::