Friday, April 14, 2017

steve and kate's 15 minutes of fame.

The girls were so excited to see the new live action "Beauty and the Beast" movie so we decided to take them as a surprise one day after Aubrey got home from school.  Kate of course dressed up as Belle (any chance to dress up like a princess, she's all about it), and Aubrey didn't want to dress up - too cool.

 Kate told Steve she needed a prince to take her to the movies, and we all thought that was cute.  I jokingly reminded Steve he does have a prince charming costume up in the closet from a couple Halloweens ago, which Kate was so excited about.  "Will you please wear it Daddy?  Please?! I really want to sit by a prince at the movies."  Well, Steve, being completely wrapped around his daughters' finger, decided he would wear it for her.

Anyone that knows Steve knows he is NOT one to like to bring a lot of attention to himself, but Kate's happiness meant more than his ego.  It really was the cutest scene ever at the movies - people kept taking pictures of them.  

I posted the above photos on my Facebook and Instagram and they ended up going viral, which is quite hilarious because he barely let me post them in the first place.  He even said "You can post them but don't tag me." Lol. Oops!  Only 41,000+ people saw it.  No big.

I had reporters emailing me for a couple of days asking to use the story/pictures for articles for their websites. (including Today Show and Ellen Nation!) His 15 minutes of fame is over now, and he is currently in therapy now having to be a regular folk like the rest of us. ;)

But seriously - I picked a keeper!!

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