Saturday, July 1, 2017

disneyland 2017

We went to Disney the week before Aubrey got out of school (we're terrible parents and have no issue taking her out for Disney!) with Steve's parents and brother.  Surprisingly it wasn't too busy and lines weren't bad.  I figured the girls only have so many more visits where they think princess dresses are fun to wear at Disney, so I got them these super comfy princess dresses.  It will be one sad day when they are too cool for dressing up!

It was this little miss's first trip as a "big girl" and not a baby!  She got to meet Minnie, which she was pretty...cautious about.  She loved all the rides she got to go on and was such a good girl the whole trip.  

Leave it to this girl to choose the full face face paint option. (Some guardians of the galaxy character?)

Kate is still a bit traumatized from some or our past trips' rides she went on (Tower of Terror, Splash Mountain, etc.) and hasn't braved them again.  She's cool with kids rides for now!

The night before going home we stopped at the beach.  It was a little windy for Ella but the big girls LOVED every second.  I'm such a nervous nelly watching them go out even ankle deep in the ocean, I'm always afraid they'll get washed away to sea!  

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  1. Beautiful pictures! I adore your blog. Where did you find their adorable bathing suits? I just love the style!